The Best Lines of Credit for Spa and Salon Companies

Funds readily available through a line of credit are essential for preparing and handling unexpected expenses.

Truly amortized product, where you only pay interest on money that is drawn from line.

Unsecured programs, no collateral needed, up to $250,000.

Annual Interest Rates are Prime (8.5%) + 0% to 2%.

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Grow Your Business with a Line of Credit.

Funds that are Available When You Need Them Most.

Spa/Salon companies often require large sums of money upfront or in advance which may not be possible without proper financing arrangements.

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How Line of Credit Depot Works:

To qualify for a line of credit, your spa/salon company should have demonstrated profitability on the most recent filed business tax return. This showcases your ability to afford payments after drawing funds from the line of credit. Even if your last tax return shows net losses, you may still be eligible.

Certain expenses (non-taxables) on the return can be "added back"
to the net profit amount, bringing your business to a qualifying requirement.

Examples of expenses that may be added back in are certain interest paid on borrowed money and depreciation expense incurred by use of equipment or real estate owned by company's members other than owner/officer/partner who is requesting loan.

Truly amortized product, where you only pay interest on money that is drawn from line.
Unsecured programs, no collateral needed, up to $250,000.
Annual Interest Rates are Prime (8.5%) + 0% to 2%.
Monthly payments with interest only options
How much do you need to access?
*FREE to Apply & NO credit check
Recent Success Story
Spa business in Texas takes off from a Line of Credit
Jessica, an entrepreneur in Austin, Texas who established a spa and salon business after working in the industry for many years. As her company grew, her Salon became one of the most popular in Austin. With her location constantly booked out, Jessica knew it was time to expand to a 2nd location.

With a $250,000 line of credit from Line of Credit Depot, Jessica secured a lease for a second location in 2022. This credit line enabled her to cover essential expenses such as upfront rent, construction build-out, new equipment and furniture, a new staff and products.

The line of credit had a significant impact on Jessica's business. It allowed her to maintain consistently high-quality services and build-up a completely new clientele on the other side of town.

Additionally, the line of credit supported Jessica in marketing her business with new websites, social media, and promotional/advertising campaigns. These initiatives attracted a growing and diverse customer base, establishing her spa and salon as a reputable destination for relaxation and beauty.

One of the key advantages of having a line of credit was the ability to open the second location. Jessica could adapt to evolving wellness trends, introduce new services, and organize special events, keeping her spas and salon competitive and appealing to clients.

We provide the Spa/Salon industry with bank-level financing

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Receive a range of offers from our trusted network of lenders. Take your time to evaluate and compare the options available. Choose the one that aligns perfectly with your goals and vision.
Experience the joy of quick and efficient funding. Within just a few days, your business will have the financial boost it needs to thrive. It's that simple!

"See if you qualify before you apply. Answer a few questions about your business to get a pre-approval."

Matthew Elling
Small Business Financing Expert & Founder of Line of Credit Depot
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Another way that a Spa or Salon might use a line of credit to make more money is by advertising new services or offerings. For example, a new package that includes facial and massage services can be advertised online. The initial advertising costs can be recouped from sold packages. Also a great investment for a spa or salon are gift card sales. Drawing from a line of credit can pay the upfront costs associated with the cards, software integration and online advertising. We’ve seen salons and spas sell massive amounts of gift cards, especially before the holidays (Christmas, Mother’s Day, Valentines Day, etc).

Why Can’t I Just Apply at my OWN Bank?

When you first chose which bank to use for your current business checking account, did you consider if they offered lines of credit for your spa business? Did you check on the qualifications? Most likely not. Just because you have a business checking account at your local bank, doesn’t mean you will be gifted a line of credit. This is exactly why Line of Credit Depot can help you obtain a Line of Credit. We have successfully opened thousands of lines of credit for our customers at ‘small business friendly banks’ all across the country. 

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The best way to finance your salon or spa is by obtaining a line of credit. Our partner banks are approving Spas and Salons all across the country. Approved applicants can access these lines when they need them, without the need to apply again and again for many different loans.

Oftentimes, business owners mistakenly look at debt financing as a burden that would only be used if the business is not going well. This is not true, as the most successful spas or salons use debt financing to make more money. Choosing the right financing for your business is the main issue. Micro Loans or MCA’s (Merchant Cash Advances) have super high interest rates and can eat up any realized margins from the use of funds. That’s why it’s smarter for a spa  or salon owner to apply for a business line of credit. Most commercial credit lines have rates that start at 4% per year, with monthly payments. 

A Spa or Salon might draw from a line of credit if they need to order bulk products. Most spas and salons carry retail products for their customers to use at home. These products most usually need to be purchased by the spa/salon and aren’t based on a consignment system.